Render to Texture in Hunt: Showdown

While watching a gameplay video of Hunt recently, i noticed this really neat effect, after the player has picked up a clue a visual portal is opening to another place. I could be wrong but It looks to me like render to texture. Something i haven't seen done before in Cryengine so far.
I would like to know if this is indeed Render to Texture and if we fellow Cryengine user will get a introduction to this technology in the future?

Re: Render to Texture in Hunt: Showdown

The possibility of modified meshes with the hole just integrated totally makes sense and that also was my first thought, however there are some problems with this assumption.
1# The places where portals cold appear would be very limited. Only on very specific places, as the tube like geometry needs to be hidden. So on Ground level or on top of inaccessible and inscrutable Geometry
2# Portals appear on thin Geometry you can walk underneath like Platforms, Bridges, 2nd floor in a building.
3# Portals also appear on, or very close to Terrain that would make it necessary to cut holes into the Terrain and/or create a custom Mesh which resembles the replaced terrain part and integrates flawlessly.

I am at this point very certain that this here is indeed Render to Texture in action.

You can see here the portal spawns on a platform. You can even see it underneath


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