UI and Screenshot feature Improvements (Requests)

A better way of taking screenshots would be appreciated - I post a link to unreal docs for an example:

https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/IN ... index.html

Unreal Engine is broken up into 'Editors' - such as the level editor, blueprint editor, etc. These are targeted at specific aspects of the game development process (different specialisations).

(some info from their docs..)
Editor tabs can only be docked alongside other editor tabs - similar to a web browser such as chrome.

Editor tabs differ from the tabs used on Panels. Panels can be docked anywhere within their native editor.
Panels are specialised parts of editors that provide a specific aspect of the functionality of the editor. Editors can contain any number of panels. The panels belonging to a specific editor only affect their parent editor and can only be docked within that particular editor.

There are many benefits to this system. One thing I like is that it is easy to drag an editor to another screen. It also allows you to focus on the particular task at hand.

https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/IN ... index.html
https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/IN ... index.html

I miss this functionality from other engines such as unity and CryEngine - the UI becomes cluttered with panels from different workflows. Unreal feels like multiple applications within one application. As game engines become increasingly complex and feature rich, I think more of them will implement a similar system. I hope the CryEngine team will take a look at this functionality and implement something similar. Not sure how (I think the UI is written in Qt now? Seems difficult to do that in Qt. Unreal wrote Slate for their UI - still, I think they should consider this functionality).

A way for people to post and vote on features would also be nice.


Re: UI and Screenshot feature Improvements (Requests)

What type of screenshots are you looking for? 360º panoramas or simple single shot screens?
There is a screenshot grab feature in CRYENGINE, you can use r_GetScreenShot 1 (or F12).

Regarding the editor panels, the panels are already detachable in Sandbox and you can indeed move these panels to another screen.
Unless this is not the point you are making.

There is an ideas space on the AnswerHub area that is used for voting for specific features the community wishes to be implemented. There is also a community wishlist.
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