Newbie needs a little help


I am currently working with Iclone (Reallusion) and I am looking to improve the quality of my productions . I am looking to do simple 360 VR (Cinematic movies)
and I like the fact that CryEngine supports the oculus rift for instant feedback.

I spent a few hours using the terrain and vegetation editor tools and I must admit that CryEngine is really impressive and I can see how it could improve my workflow and add quality to my 360 videos. I watched a few tutorials and I have a few problems with the basic importing of object and Characters. Perhaps someone can shed the light on these issues.

For example when using the fbx import tools to import an object, I don't see the "static geometry" option like in the the tutorial , So I select the mesh option but I can't save my object when clicking on the save icon in the menu bar. The save icon does not open any browser so I can't create a new folder in my object folder to create my cgf file. But I am able to click on the "generate material" button and save the materials.

The second problem is when dragging my FBX characters into the character tool window, my characters appear naked with no cloth. my animation is imported and plays well and my texture materials map are generated but I can't find how to assign those map to my character. I looked into the material editor but I am not sure if this is the way to proceed for characters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Re: Newbie needs a little help

When importing the FBX file, simply use the FBX Importer windows Save As option and choose alocation and file name. after saving you should see the "Output filename" under "General settings" populated with the filename you chose.

Regarding IClone, there has been a recent tutorial regarding this workflow by one of our awesome community members.
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