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13 each level choose gamemode or game rule like unreal ... /GameMode/

14 action mapping editing in editor ... ngs-in-ue4

15 collision matrix like unity ... -practices

or unreal enigine 4 collision preset ... Collision/


text bigger , more snapshot ,color like unreal doc or unity doc

Re: CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

Hey guys.
I just thought that I should share some suggestions here.

First of all I want to talk about Scaleform. The point here is, that the UI system of the engine entirely depends on it. Don't get me wrong here. I really like create my UI with Flash. The problem is that we don't have access to the Scaleform SDK and we can't play videos. It would be nice, if Crytek would create an implementation for UI to replace Scaleform. This would allow us to actually play videos and it would allow us to even create a build of the code. This would be really useful.

The next thing is just a small bug that I would like to see fixed. In GameSDK, the ledge and static ledge are sadly broken. Would be great to see this working again.

And my last suggestion is about LUA.
I guess that CryTek wants to remove it. So I think that I should share some thoughts about that aswell.
I know that we now have Schematic. But for programmers, a LUA script is much more structured than a Schematic graph. If you want to implement a complex logic, you would have a hughe Schematic graph. It would really be a mess. If you do it in LUA, you basically only have a few lines of code.
Furthermore the LUA integration of CryEngine is really a strength. Other engines don't have an integration like that. So the LUA adds a lot of value to CryEngine. It is possible to implement a complex logic just with a few commands. Furthermore, LUA is much much easier to learn than C++ oder C#. Anyone who has some knowledge about programming could learn it within a few days.
So please don't remove the LUA system. It's really awesome.

- Jannis

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