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A vital aspect of games that isn't covered well in c++ or c# is AI, currently any documentation or tutorials are in LUA or flowgraph and GameSDK. So some AI tutorials would be a useful idea to be added to the Trello board. I know that the "c++ and c# documentation" request technically covers the documentation for AI but more focus on AI would be useful, since I can't imagine many games that don't have AI. Just my thoughts.

TLDR; Documentation and/or tutorials for AI in c++ and/or c#

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High-quality Screen Space Reflections! I have been waiting for this improvement for since the time when Cryengine 3.6 came out and the engine was added PBR, but the new improved SSR is still not in the priority. On Youtube you can find dozens of implementations of SSR. I'd like to see something like this in Cryengine

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It seems the for the last few years crytek has been removing features not because they didn't work but because they don't want to make anything easier for non major developers, or those who cant code.

If they cared about making things easier they would implement more flowgraph aka visual scripting and allow the use of basic Entities such as from the sample sdk to be built into the engine for use in a new project other than the sample sdk.

also why has crytek yet to implements a generic ui creation tool for menus and player UI elements

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That's sooo I would like to see something similar, working with materials in the engine is very outdated and does not develop for years. To dilute tiling, you need to import into the engine a lot of identical models with differently colored vertexes, because vertex blending does not work right in the engine, without using 3D Max. In general, if we see a new editor of materials before my head grows gray-haired, I would like to have the same function in it

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I think , CryEngine have one problem , one issue : Documents , that's all
I think CryEngine 3 = Unity 2018+UnrealEngine 4.19 + Amazon Lumberyard 1.13
Now CryEngine 5.5 is on the way , WOW!
Please Crytek make great documents for C# and Schematyc , also delete flowgrah , convert all nodes flowgrah to Schematyc

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Cryengine 5.5 is what we are looking forward to and hope to see more functions and opportunities in the future!
What really lacks, so it's freedom in Schematyc. FlowGraph has already become obsolete, it has long been known and perhaps it is really better to remove it than to try to combine these two systems.

* Integrate the FG into the Schematyc, making a single tool.
* Make detailed documentation.
* Make the user interface editor, which will be based on the schematyc.

This is perhaps the most important thing for me at the moment.

Thank you Crytek for your work and efforts!
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