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So some of you might remember the old "What do you want in Cryengine?" thread. Since it got bloated, we've created a wishlist on trello. The categories mirror the official roadmap mostly.

Confirmed features or requests receive a blue label. You can vote on features you like. Note that this is community run and not official.

The requests are a mix of longstanding things like fbx, wishes from CRYENGINE indie teams and users, existing technology in other engines/games and obviously requests from the forums, answerhub, reddit and slack.


If you would like to suggest a new card to be added, feel free to post in here. Otherwise, vote away!

Re: CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

Lets keep pushing Cryengine ahead of its time.
What about realtime PTEX textures instead of UVs ? Nvidia has already tried something. ... 20Ptex.pdf

Since we have to add more and more meshes to our games we need to find a way to reduce the production time of each assets.
We already have procedural texturing and multi materials but nothing has been done for UVs.. Ptex might be the savior for next generation games.

Saving a lot of production time
Saving a considerable ammount of memory in the engine
Improves the visual quality of each assets

It seems like we are forced to use it with quad meshes so we would not be able to use it everytime but still in a lot of situations.

Re: CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

Hello, I'd like to add a card:

Cryptographic cheating protection by ASLR and/or AES for important game variables such as:
position, movement and view direction data of the player, vehicles and bullets
health, stamina, ammo, resources (money, etc), kills/deaths and score
spawnpoints and -time of players, weapons, powerups and other gameassets
variables like time of day, weather, time on map, mapvotes, etc.
so cheaters can't ruin the gameplay for everybody or trolling by reading or writing these variables.

Many games promised cheatprotection over the years without real success, so a cryptographic approach seems to be inevidable.
I'm aware this will cost resources, but I think modern hardware can handle protecting a few variables very, very well.
The network-traffic will have to be secured as well, so cheaters aren't able to grab variables from the network stream.

Re: CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

Nothing for in editor Gui builder? Like Unity ugui, and Unreal similar thing?

Or html5/css type gui layouts and engine renders that? anything other than scaleform unless its an in editor tool part of cryengine that could maybe still scaleform tech underneath.. dropdown menus etc more ui widgets for things.

current direction of things is looking good.. i'd vote voxel terrain, working with multiplayer, just give us 7dtd engine to build are own games in...tired of static terrain games :D

Re: CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

Better Antialiasing! We still have like the most outdated antialiasing from all avaiable engines.
Indoor scenes, especially with a glossy touch are looking just horrible.... Add higher values and a Temporal Antialiaasing mode for the part of developers that can live with the "blur".

Re: CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

1 own c++ ui like c#,not flash

2 c++ reflection and serialization

like unity
class test :MonoBehaviour
public class MyData
public string Member1;
public int Member2;
public bool Member3;

public MyData;

unreal engine 4
FString name;

3 animation state machine like unity Mecanim ... ystem.html

or unreal enigine 4 animation state machine ... eMachines/

4 behaviour selection tree visualization like unreal ... uickStart/

5 editor plugin

6 post possessing effect tutorials

7 asset brower like unreal with type icon and open with editor tool and filter ... t/Browser/

8 add c++ code to project in edior like unreal ,choose parent class, compile and hot reload ... ckStart/2/

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