Re: CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

1. When mass converting FBX files in the Asset Browser, have a checkbox in preferences to enable generating a proxy for each mesh created like the FBX Mesh Importer does. Working with the FBX Mesh Importer is slow and takes too much time. The Asset Browser's drag drop functionality is so much faster and is an awesome and really fast workflow.

2. With the new feature in 5.6 where you can drag / drop texture maps into texture map slots in the new material editor, we would like the ability for the editor to place multiple selected texture maps in the correct slots based on correct _suffixnames, this will really speed up things. If there is a Qt lib limit on placing just one a one file, please find a way around that :)

3. Please add Touch Bending support for conversions via Asset Browser and FBX Mesh Importer for 5.7.

4. Please allow a community think tank thing to help out with bug hunting when new major releases are close to release. Build previews should be a mandatory thing to ensure as close to a bug free release as possible.

5. Back in 3.8.6 i think it was, we had an indication of how many of each vegetation objects was placed inside a scene with a ( xx ) indication behind each object, can we pretty please have this for 5.6.1 or 5.6.2 too? it was a nice overview.

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