possible heavily-modified versions of CryEngine V, the license allows distribution of games made of those?

Hi!, i recently discovered CryENGINE V was free and without royalties, and saw they have some potential in my futher projects, but i saw some limitations and some things i don't like, such some parts of CryEngine Sandbox for example, as well introducing my own Toon Shading Model, or the requirement to use an Launcher.

So my question is, there's some legal obligations i need to comply if i want to heavily modify the CryENGINE V for my own needs?, such removing, replacing and adding features for example (also adding making my own version or heavily modified version of Sandbox)?, some of those changes may not be generic enough to be accepted for the community. also i wondered if i can host my modified versions of the game engine in private repositories such GitLab or BitBucket?.


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