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Hi everybody! I download CryEngine V and find out that in the process of adding primitive objects to the level, the performance of the engine becomes very low .... the computer configuration is quite modern for working with the engine. I have a question ... in the same Crysis 3 or Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, at the maximum settings of FPS graphics stable at a comfortable level ... How to make such an optimization in CryEngine V? Thanks :)

Re: Low Performance

There are no provided numbers so really cannot say :P.

Maybe tell us more about your scenes; give some video maybe with debug draw so we can see how many drawcalls/verts etc. Could also be an issue with shader setups or other material/object settings or complexities.

Games require optimization to run real time, performance tuning is a part of game design and there is no getting away from that, certain engines require different optimization rules that you would apply during object creation etc, these would be explained explicitly or implicitly during the many asset creation tutorials currently available. In essence, you should test in increments for performance. If you notice a performance drop after a certain action, change the action and see what is better (like material/object properties for ex).

Alternatively if you are already familiar with typical optimization techniques for the engine (merged meshes or w/e) , then you would typically do periodic performance profiling with a tool such as brofiler etc to see what performance bottlenecks are holding you back. This can get seriously technical in a flash so you need to know some things to be able to use these kind of tools like what the data actually means.

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Re: Low Performance

I don't have any performance issues, that's weird. CEV can take a lot of details, if you have a decent computer then maybe it's a bug. Are you using your own assets? If so, maybe they have way too much polys (try using 3ds max optimization tools or maya's poly reduce tool) and bake your normal maps. Don't forget to generate LODs. Doing these steps will greatly improve your performance.

Re: Low Performance

What I have done to increase the fps was
-Create lods and not just one especially on high poly designs
-Adjust lod draw distance
-Change spec/normal textures to a lower size
-Create layer switches
These are just a few of the things that will help optimize your game. I dont have a lot of experience with game design so I am sure there are a lot of other things you can do.

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