Hunt Showdown Modding Support

I'd like to know whether modding support will be available for Hunt:Showdown.

Similar to Unreal Tournament, people would like to build their own maps,weapons, zombies and such - just for fun and to share with friends. It could also have the added benefit of introducing newcomers to CryEngine. You don't need the entire game for this, just some assets and working AI, basic weapons, and so forth - similar to the gamesdk.

I have an idea for a more serious mod (single player & maybe some co-op stuff). Since gamesdk is being deprecated, I don't thing that is a good place to start.

I've posted in the steam forums, but haven't gotten much of a response - I'm guessing not everybody's into modding. I'm sure thought that there are people whom would love to play with this game.

Thanks for any feedback.

Re: Hunt Showdown Modding Support

We cannot give any info regarding Hunt: Showdown on the CRYENGINE forums.
This is a question only the Hunt team should/can answer, I advise you ask them directly.

Thanks, I just posted about this in the new Feedback section on the hunt website where users can vote about stuff. Guess we'll see what happens.


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