Re: [GameSDK] How do I edit my players weapon load out?

In CRYENGINE 5.4 this tool is marked as deprecated. You can still find it, though, under Tools->Deprecated->Equip Pack Editor.
Since the tool is deprecated, and other tools will soon follow, I wonder what the future holds for the gamesdk. Some of the assets and tools are really cool, such as the rain and snow effects. I'm also concerned about the smart objects tool, which will eventually be deprecated. Those features are really helpful in prototyping an fps without having to build all of those tools first. You'll spend months before you can even begin to test whether or not your levels are fun, but with the gamesdk, you can jump in and start testing stuff right away.

It does seem like some of the tools will be replaced with new ones (based on the roadmap), but I'm not sure those will be the same quality - especially if you look at the current state of the fps 'template' for example. Sure, some of them are gamesdk-specific, but that sdk is very useful to me.

Anyway, I hope this is a great year for cryengine and that Hunt is super successful - schematic 2 looks promising, and so all i'm waiting for now is to see what they'll do to replace this once awesome resource (gamesdk) and what education offerings they'll have. Kind of frustrated and hopeful at the same time.

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