Re: Crash on win64 release build for game.dll

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It seems you have not installed the required Windows SDK ( 10.0.10586.0 ). this is stated in our documentation regarding Supported Visual Studio versions: ... ssupported
( Information regarding CMake and newer Visual Studio versions is not present on this page yet but we are working towards cleaning and expanding the documentation pages to make things easier. )

Can you confirm the engine builds in profile mode? Once you have profile mode successfully building, then try building it in release mode. This way you can test the build with your project as-is and then move on to release.
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Re: Crash on win64 release build for game.dll

Thanks but I am not going to download 15 gigs of Windows 10 sdk related stuff just to build this engine. I do not live in a country with luxury of such bandwidth.
Already downloaded so much of the launcher and sdk and the source and it's sdks used. Not gonna waste anymore bandwidth/time on this.

I couldn't justify 300megs for a hello world empty demo anyway.

Hope you guys do something about the size and effort needed for this thing. Please find a way to allow downloads of release dependencies for the engine.

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