Re: Spawn inside car

Hi can you provide a exemple like I said I'm new in cryengine I think will be great because I'm pretty sure a lot of people have that problem too looks simples but if we don't have a clue it's complicated.

Thank you so much for the information

Re: Spawn inside car


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bool CGamePlugin::OnClientConnectionReceived(int channelId, bool bIsReset) { // Connection received from a client, create a player entity and component SEntitySpawnParams spawnParams; spawnParams.pClass = gEnv->pEntitySystem->GetClassRegistry()->GetDefaultClass(); spawnParams.sName = "Player"; spawnParams.nFlags |= ENTITY_FLAG_NEVER_NETWORK_STATIC; // Set local player details if (m_players.size() == 0 && !gEnv->IsDedicated()) { = LOCAL_PLAYER_ENTITY_ID; spawnParams.nFlags |= ENTITY_FLAG_LOCAL_PLAYER; } // Spawn the player entity if (IEntity* pPlayerEntity = gEnv->pEntitySystem->SpawnEntity(spawnParams)) {

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