Re: Cryengine - Point Light Volumetric Effects

Hi cinnabear,

I'm using the latest CE version 5.4.
I see that you were able to make this work.
Need to investigate this further... care to share some of your settings to achieve this?
Maybe some print-screens of the setting values on the local Volume fog and the spotlight?
There are no particular settings for the fogvolume or the spotlight itself to make it work, but there some cvars and enviroment settings to keep in mind to get the visuals the way you want them.


Environment Editor/Volumetric Fog:
anisotropic (entity)

If you keep the range as low as possible for your needs and you bump up the texdepth you can optimize the quality for the ray marching.
By the way, when you activate the e_VolumetricFog=1 did you also received the [ REQUIRE_APP_RESTART ] info?

Tkx in advance.
No, i don't have this issue. Did you make sure your r_DeferredShadingTiled is set to greater than 0 ?

Re: Cryengine - Point Light Volumetric Effects

Hi cinnabear,

I am sorry, only now I noticed your reply.
Many thanks for the tips.

My problem is that CE is something completely new to me, like a different ecosystem.
Till recently, all my 3D works were based on regular packages and approaches.
I am learning CE not to create a game.
I'm learning to use it on cinematic imagery.
I'm curious to see how it goes, how far I'll be able to understand and use it to tell a story/movie.

I don't quit easily but I keep struggling with this spot volumetric light thing.
All the other 3D software I use, approach this issue form a different point of view.
If a certain light needs to be volumetric and cast shadows trough the fog, then all the light parameters are set on that light element. No need to set/change the environment/atmosphere.

Anyway, I'm reading and trying to figure this out.
I hope to find that "gotcha" point, rather sooner than latter.
Pity that till now, no one made any youtube tutorial about this... it would be a huge help.

Ben Martin

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