Games Developed with CryEngine are Freezing randomly in Windows 10

Hi guys.
after windows 10 release I installed it and use it but i have a problem with that. games that developed with CryEngine are freezing randomly for 20~40 sec.
i was played Ryse - Son of Rome and Crysis 2 and 3 on Windows 8.1 without any problem. after that game i installed windows 10 and in few moth ago I played Homefront the revolution. when i started it the freezes are started too. Since that game has many problems i ignored that freezes. but now i start play Prey and that randomly freezes in game are back! after that i tested Ryse son of Rome on windows 10 and now that freeze too! (all games I play on Windows 10 are Steam Version)
i haven't any problem with other games just that games are developed with CryEngine!
just one more thing. in windows 10 when i use for other daily works some times i have that freezes but it's some time not all times. in other games never seen that freezes but in that games developed with CryEngine the freezes happening so much.
I tried many ways but non of them didn't work.
Please Help :cry:

my system Specifications:
VGA: AMD R9 280 3GB (MSI)
RAM: 8GB 1600

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