Re: Material editor does not show textures

Hi Cry-Flare,
I was assuming I needed to load objects from the asset browser, but of course I can use Create Object.
So the asset browser problem is less important. Quite possibly I can delete those useless extra files.

I was then able to load a 14*7 km terrain grid (a simple brush). These large terrain grids multiple km across are essential for my simulator,
which now creates terrain and scenery for the whole world.

Unfortunately the grid is not solid - when I try to walk in game mode I fall through it. Of course, these terrain grids work perfectly in CE3.
I found that if I scaled it down by 0.2 then the grid was solid. But at 0.3 it was non-solid.
If this problem persists and cannot be fixed then I can't use CE5.
I have my fingers crossed that this can be fixed!

The screen shot shows a typical development scene in CE3 - the terrain is built by the simulator code from 14 *7 km brushes. It's essential that
this will work in CE5!
Many thanks,
ScreenShot0917_reduced.jpg (212.52 KiB) Viewed 761 times

Re: Material editor does not show textures

Hi Cry-Flare,
Many thanks. Unfortunately the variable is set to 3. I tried values of 1 and 2 also but no joy.
I couldn't find it in the .cfg files so I'm guessing CE5 defaults to 3 (CE3 defaults to 0).
In theory the variable shouldn't matter for these tests, because I placed my player position well inside the map area.
As I mentioned, if I scaled the grid down then it was solid. This suggests that CE5 may have reduced capability for large brush objects.

I wonder if you could download from GoogleDrive and test a sample grid? I included the material file, though it may not be necessary to test.
I can't emphasise too much how important this is - if terrain grids don't work in CE5 then I will have to abandon CE5 and the simulator will be available on CE3 only.
Many thanks for your support,

grid1.cgf ... 0p8F2-Qhpn
FlatFields.mtl ... T_rKpwOUfO

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