Re: SVOGI Offline Voxelization

In the 0 mode, something like that started to happen, the computer pondered for five minutes, and after the restart started nothing changed. What is and how the standard SVOGI should be different from SVOGI Offline Voxelization? there is absolutely no difference!

Re: SVOGI Offline Voxelization

Hi all,

Here is example of how to make it work in Woodland SDK level.

1. Make sure e_streamcgf is set to 0. Better set it in editor.cfg and restart the editor.
2. Load Woodland.
3. Enable GI in level settings.
4. Enable "Stream voxels" in GI settings.
5. Set Voxelization map border to 512 (This will reduce amount of data to export).
6. Save level and do normal level export. (there will be AI related warning).
7. Click in menu: File / Export SVOGI Data.
8. Wait about 8 min. Progress can be tracked in the editor.log.
9. Close the Sandbox.
10. Find svogi.pak (about 70 MB) in Woodland level folder.
11. Now this is temporary hack: Extract the content of svogi.pak (using for example 7zip) so that you have Levels\Singleplayer\Woodland\terrain\svo\*.crysvo.
12. Start GameLauncher.exe.
13. Load Woodland.
14. Check that e_svoStreamVoxels is 1 (it could be reset to 0 in case of error).


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