Re: SVOGI Offline Voxelization

Can someone @crytek give some feedback here please? I would be really happy to have a feature on board for high precise lighting baking + SVOTI. Thanks a ton :)
Hey Currve

The SVOGI Offline tech will be seen in the 5.5 release as shown by the CRYENGINE Roadmap. For this you will have to select the data streamed and then it will have a button up in the File->Export SVOGI Data and then you will sit and wait for some time for the engine to write the data to your disk. depending on the level size. Hope this clues you in to the workflow and release timeline.



Re: SVOGI Offline Voxelization

How will the reflections be improved? For example, now SS Depth Trace gives a slightly better reflection, but the difference is a small reflection all exactly disgusting and heavily voracious. Can it be improved? At least indoors with baked lighting, get high-quality reflections

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