SVOGI Offline Voxelization

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I'm working on some stuff that requires expensive svoti settings. In the roadmap I saw 'SVOGI Offline Voxelization' and an option in the recent 5.4 build where I can turn on svoti_diff_offline or similar (can't remember the full cmd). Is this already implemented as an experimental feature to bake lighting? How about a multi bounce option (more than 3 [0-2])?

Is there a way to test beta releases which are non public?

I am looking forward to your answers and future releases.

Here's the correct command from the CE 5.4.0 build 164


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e_svoTI_Diffuse_Cache ? Pre-bake lighting in SVO and use it instead of cone tracing
When turning it on (e_svoTI_Diffuse_Cache 1) the engine answers:

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[Assert] Condition: pInstance->m_nMaxVecs[eConstantBufferShaderSlot_PerBatch] > 0 [line 228] [File=D:/jk/gamesdk_release/Code/CryEngine/RenderDll/XRenderD3D9/DeviceManager/DeviceObjectHelpers.cpp]
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Re: SVOGI Offline Voxelization


This feature will function much like the Terrain Occlusion Mesh and you will go to File->Export SVOGI Data. Then you will have to wait a decent bit of time to let it write to disk as mentioned. Keep in mind this time is directly correlated with the complexity of your scenes. Just like the Pak files it will prioritize anything written to disk first and will take the SVO data. The only integration that it is currently tested a decent amount on is the integration mode 0.

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Re: SVOGI Offline Voxelization

How will it look in general? It will be like Lightmass Global Illumination? That is, after the lighting building, will there be shadow from indirect lighting? Which can now only be obtained using Analytical GI
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