Re: Can't create classes in Schematyc in template C++ projects


Can you maybe explain what happens if you try to create a class( I guess you mean entity) in Schematyc ? Just to make sure I will provide you with the default steps to create your own Schematyc entity:
  • 1. Open up the Schematyc Editor
    2. Click on "File" in the toolbar and select "Schematyc Entity"
    3. Now choose a path where you want to save the entity and click okay.
    4. Next pop up will ask you if you want to choose a base and you should just click no.
    5. Now you should be able to work with it in the Schematyc Editor.
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Re: Can't create classes in Schematyc in template C++ projects

I am trying to play with Schematyc and i cant create a class. I guess since i cant create a class from template projects I cant also add a geometry to it. Is there anything i need to add to the code in order to add classes like in YouTube tutorials ?
am using CE 5.4
Hey man... in Schematyk 5.4, there is no class anymore... you can do the same by directly clicking ADD -> Component. There is a component for Static Mesh, for example, allowing to add geometry.

Re: Can't create classes in Schematyc in template C++ projects

Thanks for quick reply. I am confused because I don't have static mesh (maybe i need to register or implement an interface to have static mesh or i add a mesh and make it as static, this is not important now) as component, I can just see Mesh. Also when I add a primitive box from the sample project I can't see it in the editor later anything related to Schematyc like in YouTube to add the created entity into the scene.

This is how i have my entity setup for now. I created a new FPS template just to make sure i am doing nothing wrong and i am working on all vanilla templates.

I hope I haven't missed anything trivial. :/

OK found it. I had to close and open the engine and Schematyc entities showed up at Legacy Entities.
Just for curiosity, why they are marked as legacy. Is it because they are in still in BETA or things have changes so much from 5.3 to 5.4 that now they are considered legacy ?

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