Adjust Terrain Level of Detail Distance View?

Hey everyone, so I had a question concerning Heightmaps in CE. I am generating heightmaps using WorldMachine, with my target resolution being 4096. I have noticed that after importing the heightmap into CE, that it does not show all of the detail in terrain unless you are right in front of it. So as I move and pan the camera around the terrain the level of detail snaps in and out constantly. This is somewhat annoying as I would like to see the full detail in mountains and ridges from far away if possible. Otherwise, I can’t get a good look at the entire terrain for what it is after painting textures and adjusting lighting.

Re: Adjust Terrain Level of Detail Distance View?

use cvar e_terrainlodratio. smaller # = higher detail.
Hey thanks for the tip! I will give that a try and see how it goes. This is a console command right?

Anyway, I was doing some experimenting as of late to see how I can get the best results going from WorldMachine to CE. It seems like initially I didn't have the max terrain height set to match the height of the terrain set in WorldMachine. Once I fixed that I noticed the detail came in. I'll still try that console command though. I'm not going for performance in the scene I am producing. I am trying to render out some nice scenes for some pre-production art so I can pump up the detail.

It appears to me that to get the best ratio between performance and detail, any heightmaps created in WorldMachine that are set to be over 2250 meters high are not optimal. It seems like there is less stretching when you stay under 2250 meters. I could be misinterpreting exactly what is going on (and why), but the quality appears to be better at 2250 and under.

Is it ever a good idea to rely on a tessellated heightmap for mountain and terrain detail? Or should we use a lower resolution heightmap, and more meshes to create the detail?

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