Re: A better Tps template (C#)

I've been hard at work on a TPS example, with a lot more functionality than the templates - and it's open source. It will be an Action RolePlay (ARPG) style game toolkit. It's a long way off being done, and it has a lot of WIP (work in progress) code in it - including parts of the old GameSDK.

You can check it out at my repo. It has things like a good orbit camera, like you'd find in an MMO, and a lot of work done on getting interaction with the environment done (as needed for a walking simulator). There's tons of extra stuff in there, slowly being worked into a useful format.

Over time it will gain an item system, some support for weapons, and a lot more work on basic interaction with the world.

It's all open source, so you can raid the code for whatever you need. The license is permissive (BSD 2 IIRC), so you don't need to sell your children in order to use it.

EDIT: Doh, forgot to mention, jumping code isn't in there yet...I am working on that right now, trying to get the animations into the engine and enable the codebase to perform jumps's coming. Oh yeh, my stuff is all C++, so you either switch to using C++, or it might be possible to access it from C# using SWIG or whatever. It's all written as components, so it should just drop in and work. Weapon code, you're on your own for quite a while to come.

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