Ryse World Building - corrupted zip file

Hey guys, I wanted to try some of the new free goodies from the Ryse World Building pack, but the zip file is corrupted. When checking on the facebook group "cryengine developers", I got mixed feedback. For some guys it seems to work and for others it doesn't.

When I reveal it in explorer it shows up as RyseWorld_MASTER zip file, that has content according to the size, but no matter what, it can't be opened. My version says Ryse_-_World_Building_1795.
However, other people who downloaded it report a Ryse_-_World_Building_1800 version. I uninstalled 5.3, installed 5.4, uninstalled Ryse World Building, reinstalled, then uninstalled and deleted everything, re-downloaded cryengine, downloaded everything again, and I still have Ryse_-_World_Building_1795 with a not working zip file.

What is the work around for that? Or is this a common issue that is being addressed. What stumps me is that for some people it works and shows up as 1800 but for others it shows up as 1795 in a non working zip file?

Re: Ryse World Building - corrupted zip file

Hi there,

You should notice an option to download/update the Ryse Package in your CRYENGINE Launcher.
Note: If sandbox starts compiling .DDS from .TIF files and breaking textures, you may need to delete the .TIF files inside the package to prevent this.

Let us know if you have any more problems with this package.
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