Networking/Animation asistance

Networking is hard, not talking about that. What I'm concerned with are some Q's regarding how it's setup in CE (and yes I know you're rewriting it but that doesn't help)
1) When is the NetSerialization step triggered? Is there a specific place where I can do a post/pre-serialization step? Does it happen before or after physics? etc.
2) How do I speed up the game flow to fast-forward from a previous game state? e.g. run X frames of the simulation but only render one (This is how rollback + server reconciliation works)
3) How'd the Hunt do network in CE? It's a good example, anyone know anything about it?
4) Can I serialize selectively? e.g. send more Actor#5 data only to the channel where it's the local actor cuz it needs it for the rollback, while remote actors only need basics such as positions/etc.
According to the docs you need to serialize the same each time...does that apply/channel or everywhere?

5) Does anyone have a working sample of Look/Aim-IK poses? The docs are obv useless and there's no real samples out there at this time.
6) How would I jump to a specific time for an animation using mannequin? e.g. run fragment X but start at time Y instead of normal time. Since this is deterministic it should be possible somewhere.
7) How do you pass flags to mannequin-run animations?
Currently I have to force-override by looping over all animations each frame to set the update-skeleton flags so it updates when not in view of the camera. This obv isn't a good solution.

There's also the whole problem of syncing animations via networking. I can sync when the fragments have been triggered etc., but how would I do roll-backs? I can't just skip to a certain time in an animation since the transition BETWEEN animations matters as well and that's triggered implicitly in Mannequin.....any thoughts on this would help too.

Maybe I'll get a reply here in 2-3 weeks, sure faster than slack by this point.

Re: Networking/Animation asistance

Egh, basically nothing useful in those 1.5 hours of videos.

He does a hacky network setup, he doesn't address any of the actual networking concerns e.g. rollback-etc. (just 'how to use serialize/RMI with CE' which the ball template already answers)

Animations aren't sync'd, etc...really this is all he did:

Sync these 2 values:
- Movement flags
- Look orientation

And then setup an RMI for:
- Request a shoot on all clients
(Which obv is delayed....)

No client-prediction, nothing. Basically useless, and answers none of my questions (Yes, you can use an RMI to go to one specific client BUT he doesn't show anything related to net-serialization that offers the same setup.)

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