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Simplygon going free.

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:39 am
by tothespace
Looks like I've been living under a rock. For those who are like me, give it a try.
I hardly do any hand retopo and lod anymore. It's amazing how it can retopologize anything I throw at it.

Re: Simplygon going free.

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:12 pm
by johan26
At least for indies yes

Re: Simplygon going free.

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:34 pm
by liok
@tothespace Hi, as an indie my world just changed when I tested simplygon last week but there's just one thing blocking me, and I can't find any infos/tuto about anything on simplygon very oddly, it's that only albedo and normal are seen by Simplygon, in standalone or from maya, metal/gloss and emission gets ignored.
Would you have any insight or method to re-bake all these maps ? I tried plugin them to other channels on a maya phong, like ambient ect.. but there isn't enough to bake the 5 maps.
Will try to post a solution if I find one.
Thanks a lot !