Re: GameSDK 5.4 draw calls

Would you mind comparing perfomance (obv you would want exactly the same config spec settings & screen resolution) in launcher?
This would be most interesting.

The difference in drawcalls might be due to the renderer changes. But it is hard to tell what is going on without more information

Re: GameSDK 5.4 draw calls

Ancient76 wrote:Settings are the same, resolution, lod, etc. Also my map loads much faster in 5.4 version which is kinda strange?

Hey Ancient76

As they mentioned the rendering refactor will play a large part in this. Now having dumped most of the old pipeline and many Crysis specific code written directly into the renderer things will contnue to improve on the performance end and open up possibilities like multi-threading in the Editor and higher caps on drawcalls. If you find any major rendering issues please make sure you reort back in the feedback section.



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