Ocean in the blank project


How can I get the ocean from the blank project into one of the templates? The ocean is technically there, but not visible in the templates. How would I go about making it look and function like the ocean in the blank template?

Thanks in advance for any replies

Re: Ocean in the blank project


the ocean is disabled by default in the templates. You can enabled it, as already mentioned, with the console command "e_waterocean 1". This variable is saved in the Game.cryproject file of your project and will be loaded every time you start the project. To change the variable, you can open the file with any editor (notepad) and remove the block containing the e_waterocean attribute. Your cry project file should look something like this:

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{ "console_commands": [], "console_variables": [ { "name": "ca_useIMG_CAF", "value": "0" }, { "name": "cl_DefaultNearPlane", "value": "0.05" }, // This what you want to remove or set to 1 { "name": "e_waterocean", "value": "0" }, // -- { "name": "sys_target_platforms", "value": "pc,ps4,xboxone,linux" } ], "content": { "assets": [ "Assets" ], "code": [ "Code" ], "libs": [ { "name": "First Person Shooter Game Template", "shared": { "any": "", "win_x64": "", "win_x86": "" } } ] }, "info": { "guid": "f4c41053-f131-0403-e95e-7923a7f602f7", "name": "First Person Shooter Game Template" }, "require": { "engine": "{9c70b6c0-e64f-41a4-84f3-f2bfc44f8ee7}", "plugins": [ { "path": "CryDefaultEntities", "type": "EPluginType::Native" }, { "path": "CryPerceptionSystem", "type": "EPluginType::Native" }, { "path": "bin/win_x64/Game.dll", "type": "EPluginType::Native" } ] }, "type": "", "version": 2 }
If you want to know more about the .cryproject file you can have a look at the documentation http://docs.cryengine.com/display/CEMAN ... cher+Tools.


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