Limit fps in editor

I have tried limiting the frame in Cryengine 5.3 editor using

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r_VSync = 0 sys_maxFPS = X
but its not working. The frames are limited when I "Switch to game". I just dont like having 250+ frames on the editor while I learning the engine. at least not for now.

Do i need to write a system.cfg or editor.cfg in order to cap the FPS or i need to write smth else in console variables that I am missing.


Re: Limit fps in editor

Engine version 5.4. Requesting the same thing. I create editor.cfg, autoexec.cfg and system.cfg @ ~\Crytek\CRYENGINE_5.4

I'm placing these:

At the sandbox.exe location bin/win_x64

Editor still reaches 140fps. Only limited to 60 fps when "Go In Game".

Is there a way to make cap fps in the editor?

I believe this is uncalled for.

Re: Limit fps in editor

This is not possible at this time although we are investigating this issue.

If you have access to source and can compile the engine locally you may be able to force this yourself by cherry picking/merging this pull request manually:
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Re: Limit fps in editor

I'd just like to say that this issue is what broke the camels back for me and CryEngine. When a professional solution cannot support consistency of basic QoL features (especially when you don't want to waste electricity by running GPU @ 100% any time you need to do basic interaction with the engine), it has deeper issues. Cba doing a personal rebuild every time there is a release to fix what you should support in the first place.

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