Entity reference EntityGUID_64 causes errors


Now in CryEngine 5.3.2 / 5.3.3 the engine (and launcher) gives an error related to the EntityGUID_64 id in flowgraphs - in our case it results in approx. 8000 lines in the log and an extra 20 sec. load time because is writes something like : <16:16:12> [Warning] Flow Graph Node targets unknown entity guid: cec11627788c405d nodeclass: 'Entity:GetPos' graph entity id: 306 name: 'AB05_FG' (this is from the sample SDK project)

this error also comes when editing any prefab in the engine. It writes this error for all prefabs of the same type and for each node where it is mentioned:
<Node Id="103" Class="entity:Light" pos="1410,110,0" flags="0" EntityGUID="{E037014B-4138-45A6-A51D-FA69AEEA4DFA}" EntityGUID_64="45A64138E037014B">
<Inputs entityId="0" Active="0" Disable="0" Enable="0"/>

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Re: Entity reference EntityGUID_64 causes errors

Are you able to reproduce the error in a basic template/project? If possible I would provide this for the team, if you do, I can take a look too (though don't hold your breathe from me).

It is indeed related to prefabs/Graph/Flow system.
The warning comes from:
CRYENGINE\Code\CryEngine\CryAction\FlowSystem\FlowData.cpp line #339

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