Is CE5 dying?

I have been around for about a month now and it seems so quiet in here with little help from actual devs of the engine.. I am beginning to think that there are very little folks working with this engine. Should I count my time spent as a learning experience and move on to Lumberyard that seems to have a growing community? I do not want to sit idle with ideas and no way to learn to implement them. I am concerned now. I got so addicted to learning to use CE5 and hit a brick wall. Where can I find FULL steps to bringing my characters to life? It took countless hours digging through Google and old youtube videos to finally get a character rigged and into the engine. I do not care how hard or how long it takes to now bring the characters to life. I am more than willing to learn the process but it appears that no one is around to explain it in detail. Most people just say that it is hard or daunting. I am up for that challenge. But we can not simply "figure this out". And no amount of Googling or Youtubing will bring me any closer to my goals. Trust me, I have obsessed over this for many many hours trying to find the updated information. I thought rigging and importing a character with animations was hard to find documentation! That was a breeze compared to how to now use that character in the game. As I dig through all the cool stuff in this engine I get so excited but my excitement is starting to fade out as I am faced with the realization that there may not be enough people here to actually help learn. I am doing my homework digging through the documentation provided and Google and youtube. Maybe by sheer luck I will come across some tuts soon before I am burnt out.

Re: Is CE5 dying?

On moving to Lumberyard: Don't be fooled. The forums are about as active as these ones here. The process of animation and character authoring is still very much the same as in CE, so if you can find tutorials for characters in LY you should be able to translate them to CE and if you can't find such tutorials then chances are you will be stuck in LY, too. Getting them be in game (moving, interacting, seeming "alive") is a lot more involved, especially if you're not using the GameSDK, and will most certainly require scripting or even programming.

Re: Is CE5 dying?

It's often quiet on these forums, been that way for years. In the holliday periods we get an influx of activity from bored school and college pupils wanting to create games who soon leave when they learn how much work and devotion is required. We tend to get an influx of posting when something new happens, GDC, etc. or a new engine update or something is broken in the engine.

Not many post here otherwise. In terms of lumberyard or any other engine, it's all personal preference and what works for you best. Try as much as possible and read as much as you can before making your choice. ;)

Things have changed dramatically with the CRYENGINE since the lumberyard fork and have been many changes making it quite different. The character import process is as simple as importing your fbx file into the engine with it's animations. We still need many more tutorials on the new process and features especially for indies new to everything. ;)
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Re: Is CE5 dying?

About characters:
If you already have a physicalized character inside the engine, the rest is not that hard. At least if you're using the GameSDK code.

First of all you should create animations like a walk cycle, run cycle, e.t.c. Then you can start to set up your own mannequin setup. Look into the default player/ai setup inside the GameSDK project to see how it is done.

Now we need to talk about blendspaces. You may notice inside the default players mannequin setup, that the entire movement fragement seems to be just one animation. Well... this "one thing" is actually a blendspace. Blendspaces take lots of animations an blend them together. This is pretty useful, because of the vatiety that you can achieve (e.g. if you use a gamepad, you can of course control the movement speed with the stick. Due to the blendspace, the animation speed will automatically fit to this movespeed).

What I would do to create a blendspace is this: copy the blendspaces of the GameSDK character into your characters animation file. Add them to your character's .charparams (which will soon be deprecated, but right now we don't have any information how it'll be done in the future). And then open the blendspace files with notepad or notepad++. You'll want to search for the paths to the animations. Load up the GameSDK character inside the character tool and look at the animations that you just found inside the blendspace. Now you can vreate your own animation to replace the default one. If you finished the animations, just alter the paths inside the belndspace to your animations.

By the way: there are three forms of animation:
Fullbody, UpperBody, Additive. As far as I know, you need to set this inside the .animsettings file.
Fullbody is like a base animation. For example walk or run cycles. UpperBody animations are animations that will overwrite others. Only bones in your upper body can be animated for these animations (the engine will detect if you are using a bone that is not prt of the upperbody. It does so due to a setting in a lua script. But I'll tell you more about that later. At least that's what I've heared. I'm not 100% sure here).
So basically if you have a walk cycle and overlay an upperbody animation (e.g. holding a rifle), the upper body will be overwritten. So that the feeds will walk, and the arms are holding a rifle without getting any influence from the fullbody animation.
Additive animations are much more tricky. They will "add" to your animation. So you can for example create a breathing animation and use it as an additive. To stay with our example: you have a walking character (fullbody animation) that holds a rifle (upperbody animation) and now you assign the additive animation, the character will start breathing while walking an holding the rifle.

Now that we know about that, it's time to create an entire mannequin setup. You might want to search the docs by the way. They habe a tutorial there about framents, fragment id's, transitions e.t.c.
But let's talk about context pretty short.
A context is really what it sounds like. For example you can create contexts for weapons, that the player holds. So if you are having a rifle with the name "myrifle", you should create a context with the same name ("myrifle") for the player. In this context, you will set all the animations, needed for that (e.g. reload, shooting, idle, e.t.c.).
This here is a brief explanation. It's not complete. So you might want to look into the GameSDK mannequin setup here aswell.

So what you need to do now is getting into the lua scripts (i think it was human.lua for ai and player.lua for player). In the top part you'll find setting about the model (change it to your character), the shadow model (will also be your character), the animations to use (should point to your mannequin setup).
And if you scroll down, you'll find a part where bones are defined. Replace these names with the names of your skeletons bones.

That should be it.
Pretty big bunch of work. I have never created a full character, so I can't tell you in more detail.
But I hope that this was useful.

- Jannis

Re: Is CE5 dying?

It's often quiet on these forums, been that way for years. In the holliday periods we get an influx of activity from bored school and college pupils wanting to create games who soon leave when they learn how much work and devotion is required. We tend to get an influx of posting when something new happens, GDC, etc. or a new engine update or something is broken in the engine.
Btw: Some of the "schoolkids" stay here ;)
(Example: me)

If you have questions regarding char creation you can ask me :). I´m not the hugest expert but I think I can help in some aspects.

Re: Is CE5 dying?

Far from it.

Out of all the engines I use, CE5 is my favorite.

Working with it feels natural ?

Without even having to look at any documentation, I was able to find my way around very easily.

In 30 mins, I'd already created something pretty nice.

Sort of reminds me of T3D which I absolutely LOVE (I'm old school like that).

I also plan to donate regularly to sustain the development of the engine because I fully believe it was (and still is) ahead of its time.

Spending a lot of time a few years ago working with CE3 convinced me (I'm a returning CryEnginer).

Considering both Unity 5 and UE4 both had the 'Free' headstart over CE5, many aspiring developers are already knee deep into their projects being created with those other engines.

It's too late to switch.

CE5 will grow.

It just needs time to settle.

I plan on starting my own tutorial series for CE5, which will cover development from an 'Indie' perspective.

Many thanks.

Re: Is CE5 dying?

I feel the same, It's like running in to a brick wall over and over again. I often find the documentation bad and outdated or non existing. For example, its impossible to find any C# documentation. Why did they even include it in the engine if there is no documentation, apart from a few videos they made. Even some of their C# videos are outdated with classes that doesn't exist anymore.

I also tried my hands on some books, however there are no books for CRYENGINE V, So lots of things that the books go through doesn't exist anymore (here I'm mainly talking code). Just the fact that you can't generate a C# project that works out of the box without doing a lot of hacks is mind blowing. When I finally managed to build a working C# project after countless hours on google and youtube I find out, that there isn't any hotloading. Which mean that you have to close the engine and reopen it everytime you add new code. This is on the edge of being broken tbh.

I must say the SDK part is fine, but that's not what I'm looking for when I use an engine. I wanna build my own game from the bottom up, and create my own code, but it kinda seems impossible with this documentation.

Re: Is CE5 dying?

Hi inscope,

I'm sorry that you're having trouble finding C# documentation, but I'm a little confused - the documentation is linked both via the launcher and the page (Learn > Documentation). I also searched for "cryengine c# docs" using Google and the first five links were all relevant documentation pages:

CE# Framework - ... +Framework
CE# API reference - ... +Reference
C# Coding standard - ... g+Standard
CryMonoBridge (the link between the C++ and C#) -
CE# Programming - ... rogramming

I looked at your post history and found that you wanted information on implementing Flowgraph nodes in C#. I have passed this onto the C# team. If there are specific problems you have with the documentation please do let us know - feedback is always welcome, and the more specific it is, the better we are able to respond.

Re: Is CE5 dying?

Thanks so much for All the responses. I am going to jump into the good suggestions here. I have gained a new sense of excitement . I am probably going to keep trying . I do not give up easily. I,see so,much potential in this engine that it gets frustrating when I hit a wall. I do not want to be a temp user who jumps in and plays around making landscapes and eventually getting bored. I have more time than most to learn due to some health issues. I have been digging through the Cryengine videos on YouTube trying to keep them in order. I enjoy building my maps and I have experience in voice over work that I am excited to learn to get into the game but I know that if I can not get characters working that I am wasting my time, doing much else. When I get my mind set on a project I usually pour everything into it,and get very into the social aspect and being involved in the community helping as much as possible. I have a background in media work so I have knowledge of many programs. This game engine really caught my attention. I am used to reverse engineering programs and copy pasting code to learn how they work but that is tough in Cryengine lol. for you all that has offered help Thanks so much! I will be asking trust me. I will also be using my media knowledge to bring attention to this Engine and hopefully make some cool tut videos from a fresh eyes perspective once I get the handle of things. May all your projects bring you joy always.

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