How soon would CE supprot vs2022 for csharp script?

As I know , CryEngine now only support vs2022 for cpp script.However ,for csharp script ,it can only work with vs 2017 intead of vs2022.
Emmm. ce5.7LTS is released in 2022,but it still use vs2017 made 5 years ago.
I want to know how soon will CE support vs2022 for csharp.
I has asked the same problem in forum, a volunteer told me that it is not planned.
I hope to get a specific answer for the date or the CE version or the plan project.

Re: How soon would CE supprot vs2022 for csharp script?


I was the one that responded on your last question. I am actually an employee of Crytek, not a volunteer :)

No changes are going to be made to C# in 5.7LTS.

If any updates to it are to come, they would be in the next major version of CRYENGINE, but as I said before, there are no current plans to update it, and the next major version does not have a release date, but you could be looking at years.

If you wish to develop in CRYENGINE, I heavily encourage you to focus on C++.

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