Cannot add Assets downloaded to project

Good day,

I recently installed 5.7 and redownloaded most of the assets from the market place. When I add an asset to the asset folder of my project, it starts to bring it in then it will say it cant open it. I followed the tutorial on how to add assets but so far none of the assets I have downloaded have been added. Ive tried adding the enitre folder, just the PAK file, The folder and then taking the PAK file out and still nada.
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Re: Cannot add Assets downloaded to project


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is not the expected behavior.

For now, please manually extract the assets outside of the pak file and place them in your asset directory. Something like 7zip should work. You can use the Asset Browser's hamburger menu to select File > Generate/Repair Metadata to fix any cryassets files that don't show up after.

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