Cant copy downloaded assets

So I have been using cryengine on and off or the last year. I tried following the breeze tutorial but I am running into issues with not having any assets. When I create a new project it comes empty for example the breeze tutorials use the third person shooter, however there are no trees, rocks, or assets. I downloaded them, copied them to my assets folder but they still do not show up. Do I have to manually go in and unpack these .pak files in order to use them? I dont want to have to continue to use the sample sdk project because its not the same. any Ideas?

Re: Cant copy downloaded assets


The assets shown in the Breeze tutorials were not released publically. We'll let you know if that changes :). If you would like similar assets quickly, you can use the GameSDK assets inside your project by copy pasting the .pak files into your project's asset directory. You don't need to unpack the .pak files, the engine should do that for you automatically. The model and animations were taken from

Hope this helps.

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