Re: Analog nanite UE5

Hope not sound wet in the rain, but dont' cryengine already have a very capable LOD management to cope with the amount of details in scene? I may be wrong, a Nanite has a strong marketing name too, but cryengine always had a better performance on open worlds environments, right?

Re: Analog nanite UE5

I think you'll find Nanite goes far beyond the Cry Engine LOD system. As I understand it, the UE5 Nanite system simulates individual objects with many millions of polygons, giving extraordinay amounts of detail when close up to objects, while maintaining very high frame rates. Some of the demo videos are amazing.
Unreal Engine seems to be developing at an amazing rate. Although the new UE5 won't be officially launched until next year, an early version is available for download. This version is amazing and is also remarkably stable.
I think Crytek are probably struggling to compete with Unreal Engine. This could be why 5.7 is apparently more than a year late.

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