GameSDK 5.5 Enemy to player hit impulse ?

Hello, in version 5.4 GameSDK enemies used to add impulse to the player. In 5.5/5.5 Source and 5.6 they don't.
I do not understand why that is. I've checked console commands and their values related to 'Hit','Physics','Player','Impulse' and the Player.lua file.
The result in 5.4 was kind of guffy but it worked and i consider it good enough for my usecase. Models used are the same on all versions (Cdf,Proxies ect.).
The player can ragdollize the enemies by running upon them in all versions - this hasn't changed!
Any ideas on how i can replicate the same effect in 5.5/5.6 or a better way to deal with Enemy to Player "Melee Impulse" ?

[EDITED] I 've created a workaround to simulate the effect.

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