Re: Camera stuck in the water

I'm sure if you've figured it out by now, but I'm leaving this for future reference. You can simply use the MMB to pan, but It's easier to move up and down while underwater by rotating the camera North or South and then using the W and S keys. But since you don't always know which rotational position you're facing under water, simply using the MMB might make getting out a bit cumbersome. You don't always turn up in a desired position, and you just might lose sight of the terrain. if this happens simply generate the heightmap and flatten it back once you acquired sight of it. I find that the easiest way to fix this is by rotating the camera all the way down while holding the right mouse button and dragging downward. From there, hold the shift and S key to pull yourself out. You will always make your way skyward by doing this. As for why the Camera doesn't have keys for sinking and raising the camera is beyond me, but I'm hoping they will at least implement this come the next update.

Also, when I start a new level I drop a random object in the middle of the terrain, that way I can snap to it by double clicking on it in the level explorer if I get lost somewhere in the map. Hopes this helps.

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