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General feedback

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2021 12:10 pm
by Trarlex
Good evening!
It has been a week since I started using CryENGINE, here's what I think could be improved! (most of the feedback I already discussed on Discord, this post is just for completency sake)

- Currently CryENGINE uses a deprecated flash workflow, it would be much nicer to have a dedicated UI Editor!

- FBX import workflow is fairly long, full fbx support would be nice instead of using the fbx importer (importing 16 variations of grass is not very fun)

- Project settings are mostly set using the console, why not making a dedicated settings window (a plugin in the marketplace already does something similar)

- Compiling a game requires you do it manually in the project folder, a package tool would be a nice addition

- Dragging and dropping textures into material slots is not possible unless you dock the material window somewhere ( floating material windows minimize when you click outside of them) I think this will improve the material workflow even if by just a bit!

- (very minor thing, not a big deal) you cannot set a start level, what you can do is set a variable that opens a level when you load the game

Overall, this is a very powerful engine, and I was seriously impressed by it!
Way to go, Crytek!