Can't enable/disable particle effects through FG!

Need to enable/disable particle effects through FG. Tried hard searching for the Entity:ParticleEffect node, but could not locate it anywhere. Even the Effects:SpawnParticleEffect node doesn't do anything!
Though in debug mode things start firing into the input ports, but nothing visible happens in the level! Left with no option, i used the cvar e_particles to switch my pfx on and off through FG and now using layer switching to hide and unhide my pfx. Are the nodes deprecated in the latest version of the engine? Please help, need to get this pfx thing up and running!

Re: Can't enable/disable particle effects through FG!

Using CE 5.6.5- Build 30 and gameSDK project.
Here's the FG setup:
linga_bolt_FG_capture.JPG (90.4 KiB) Viewed 1052 times
Another shot of what i'm trying to acheive:
linga_bolt_capture.JPG (146.87 KiB) Viewed 1052 times
Shiva linga will show ray, only on correct orientation of the linga and the pedestal on which it sits.
Using the logic:AND node to accomplish this, but works only once! (the reason i chose to add a Timer:Delay node to display it for a few secs and disappear)
That is, if i keep rotating the pedestal and the linga further on, the bolt wont show up again, even when the conditions are met.
No clue as to why this logic won't work!

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