Character set up for in game use.

Ok, I finally managed to get my character into the game and have some animations ready to go. I am thrilled! Thanks so much for all who have helped with this process. NOW, I need to learn the next steps. I have been googling and googling for updated info but having a lot of trouble finding clear cut instructions as usual. Can someone guide me to some tuts on the full process of now setting up my character to be used in the game as AI enemies. I know it is a daunting and long term learning process but I am ready to dive into it. Any help would be so appreciated. I will hopefully one day understand all this and make some tut videos to pay it forward. I hope you all have a blessed day. Remember to never let the things you do not know how to do stop you from doing the things you do! As a community I believe we can help each other achieve our dreams and goal with this amazing engine. It isn't the size of the dev team that makes a great engine. It is the willingness of the community and end users to help each other learn. I pray that I will one day be able to help others on here achieve their dreams.

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Firstly, thanks for those good words.
I'll try to explain what i know by the permission of ALLAH.

Before i wrote this post, i tried to understand about what you did, I've read one of your posts but, i could not understand what did you get.
Question 1: Could you export your character?
If yes, how? I mean, with "Crypose" or with your own pose?

Explanation 1(As far as i can):
Let's assume, you've exported your character with bones that named correctly(I mean, Bip01 and etc...)
After that, you can use your character easily by choosing your model from the properties of your entity.

Explanation 2(As far as i can):

Let's assume, you've not exported your character with bones that named correctly(I mean, Bip001 and etc...)
You've to do somethings more now.
Firstly, you can't use Crytek's games animations(Crysis and etc...).
That means, you have to export your own animations.
By doing that, you've to configurate in Mannequin editor.
And this is a heavy work for someone.

Question 2: As already i say, i don't know what did you do. Could you reach the Mannequin part?

Have nice day!

Please, feel free to write more.

Re: Character set up for in game use.

Ok, I have my character in CryEngine now with animations. All custom... Not the provided sdk ones. I want zombie actions like biting and such. Now I have to learn the mannequin setup to get my zombies to come alive in the game. . I know it seems to be a daunting and challenging task but I am sure someone has some tuts on it. Oh, and I am up for it. I am more than willing to put in countless days and nights on this to learn.

Re: Character set up for in game use.

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I am walking through some tuts on mannequin but for some reason my preview panel never shows the character or animations. When I used the animation importer the preview of the character and animations would never show up either. They still worked fine on importing but for some reason my system will not show the previews.

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