Using the Mocap Animations from the Cryengine Marketplace?

Hey Guys,

I bought the Zombie Starter animation pack from the Marketplace a few months ago. I got the animations in .fbx format and imported them into 3dsmax. Unfortunately the rig they are using for the animations is different from the default cryengine skeleton, so I have not been able to get them to work with all my characters which are rigged to the Cryengine SDK Default rig.

I've tried remapping the animations over to the SDK skeleton, but haven't had any luck. I spoke with the support team over at MoCap and they said their should be a CryEngine specific animation pack that should work with the standard Cryengine Rig. At the moment all I see in the folders I downloaded is the .fbx files that are rigged to the MoCap rig so I'm a bit confused

Wondering if anyone here has had any success using these animations for characters using the Cryengine Default Rig?


Re: Using the Mocap Animations from the Cryengine Marketplace?

Hi there,

Are you still having issues getting these characters into the engine properly?
I am assuming you are using the GameSDK sample project to import them to.
Can you at least confirm they work on the templates?

If the author mentioned they should be compatible with the Generic SDK Skeleton/rigs then I would contact their support for those assets especially if you have paid for these assets they should help you.
Otherwise, can you explain the exact problem you get trying to import them? What steps do you go through, what works and what doesn't.

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Re: Using the Mocap Animations from the Cryengine Marketplace?


its a little bit strange on why you have them in fbx.
According to those guys, the files are already in the proper format for the Engine.
Also did you try to import them trough the FBX-Importer?

Sorry for such a long response time! I took a break from animations but working again on the same issue.

They now provide the .icaf files and .fbx skeleton file in the download. However I'm still stuck on importing them for use with the Cryengine 5 SDK default skeleton

If you have any other advice it would be much appreciated, link to latest post below. Thank you!


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