Re: LUA Support In Upcoming Versions

Thats just a port of the old EntityScript proxie which lua entities and a lot of gamesdk entities require to work.
So, by extension, isn't it contradictory to deprecate LUA given its level of integration with the SDK? Sorry if the question sounds silly but I'm a little sleep deprived these days :D
Not really since GameSDK is slated for replacement/removal.

To the original issue,
I think you are confused about GameZero and the template Blank project.

The GameZero project is housed inside the engine source code. This is not included with the distributed game launcher (the source code I mean).
The launcher uses pre-built profile binaries. This includes the prebuilt code for GameZero, and GameSDK (Source code also not included with launcher engine).

If you have not touched the engine source code (github), then you are using the provided pre built binaries only. This means you should start with the templates provided by the launcher (more information here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=66).
After creating your project, you launch your project via the .cryproject file or via the crytek launcher itself. If you launch "Sandbox.exe" or "Gamelauncher.exe" directly, you will be using the default configuration (gamezero folder, crygamezero.dll game binary) unless you specify those settings in the system.cfg file.

My advice:

1. Start learning with just templates. Should be more than suitable to get you started making a simple game.
2. Make a new blank project in launcher
3. Empty the "Assets" folder in your new blank project
4. Copy the "gamezero" folder contents to your new projects "Assets" folder. (probably not necessary, but if you have already made changes then you probably want to keep those changes)
5. Use the .cryproject file located in your new project folder to generate a solution/build/launch editor and launch game.

good luck hope this is useful
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Re: LUA Support In Upcoming Versions

I'm glad that I could help you cwringt.
Uniflare you are right. I really confused GameZero and blank project. Sorry for that.

But I don't agree with the templates. I am using CryEngine for some time now, so I'm used to the GameSDK structure. Furthermore the GameSDK project implements lots of useful stuff and is in my opinion still a great point to start. I prefer using it.

- Jannis

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