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Hello, Crysis theme and СryEngine team and help: The possibilities of large Crysis 1 and Crysis Wars cards need to be extrapolated, transferred and developed on the Crysis 3 engine, then this game will get a new development, since with the creation of Сryssis 2, 3 I do not leave the thought that They confined themselves in the spaces of action cards and the game became very similar to the limited in the possibilities of games such as ContrStrike, it saddens me, I ask to help return Crysis,Help restore Crysis its true capabilities and face and continue the tradition of continuity and use of the best of the previous CryEngine games: Far Cry 1 ---> Crysis 1 ---> Crysis Wars and now transfer all the best to CryEngine 3 (Crysis2,3)

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