Cryengine vs Unreal - dev fees and marketplace

Im not a developer, but have been looking into doing something super simple with cryengine. One thing I have been running around in my head is how it seems that Unreal has a huge advantage to gain more attraction via their marketplace since they give you one of the lowest rates out there (revenue fee), if you sell on their platform. I personally feel CryEngine is a superior engine from everything I have read, but, because of Unreal's popularity and now their Marketplace, which isnt all that great, makes me wonder if Crytek is going to try to compete to help lower dev's costs as well? I havent been able to find any material on the subject, so I can only assume they have no plans for a game market, at least for ones created by their engine.

It seems like its a no brainer to go with unreal for the savings. Id prob still sell on Steam because they have a lot more tools you can take advantage of, plus, who doesnt use steam these days.... A lot of tools seem to be designed for or have plugins for Unreal, such as I been looking at using World-Creator, all tutorials and plugins that I have seen seem to be focused around Unreal, though I dont know if the importation of maps would be any different for cryengine, but Im willing to check it out.

Theres a slew of information out there for unreal it seems in comparison to CryEngine. Its a little disheartening, but, since Cryengine 5 came out, looks like things are starting to pick up again, so hopefully more people will put out more tutorials on how to do many things with it.

I hope Crytek can reign again someday, look at Wolcen, absolutely beautiful. Not sure Unreal could produce such a great looking game. But I dont know much, I'm not a developer, just know what I have had time to read and watch.

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