Objects are randomly disappearing in my level!

https://www.cryengine.com/community_arc ... 0#p1299851

I got the same issue as this post

the solution is there,

This is probably caused by the CGF Streaming. The pool size in incredibly small by default so one solution is to increase it using e_StreamCgfPoolSize or just disable this system (like it was in 3.8) by putting e_StreamCgf = 0 in project.cfg.

but the question where is the project.cfg file ?

Can someone point me the location or the new name of this file, so It can load everytime, I open the editor,

then what I open with wordpad and copy paste the,

e_StreamCgf = 0
in it,

same for the gameSDK

I use 5.5 version,

thx, a lot.

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