Re: cryengine5.6 low fps issue.

Hi Interpid3d,
are you still experiencing the issue ?
If so, have you tried updating your bios to the last stable version ? Is your chipset driver up to date ? And how is your ram set up - as you know, on the new Ryzen cpus ram speed and setup is quite important.
We have not been able to reproduce your issue internally so far, but we would like to document this and help.

Re: cryengine5.6 low fps issue.

Sorry for the late reply, i have only just seen this.

For your Info i have found the issue, which was ASRock A-Tuning Utility, simply uninstalling the software does not fix the issue, not having installed the software in the first place, or a brand-new installation of Windows will fix it.
I have not run the software on my system since discovering it was the problem, Bother Cryengine 5.6 and the Ray Tracing benchmark have been working perfectly since.

So to reiterate the problem is ASRock A-Tuning Utility, The Motherboard is an ASRock AB350 Pro 4.

Thank you for your help, again sorry for the late reply. :)

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