cryengine5.6 low fps issue.

i find the fps is lower than old version(cryengine5.5) in the same level?
fps (cryengine5.5,woodland):about 220
fps (cryengine5.6,woodland):about 120
anyway i can increase fps????
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Re: cryengine5.6 low fps issue.

Hi there,

This is difficult to determine the cause from pictures alone.
Perhaps the first thing to check would be the CVars. You can use the command:

This will dump all CVars to a text file called consolevars.txt, you can do so for both versions of the engine in the same level and compare them using a diff tool (such as Notepad++ Compare Tool).
This may give some insights into what is different and what you can do.
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Re: cryengine5.6 low fps issue.

The CVar Dump is huge, about 450KB, comparing them in Notepad++ shows a lot of differences between them, i wouldn't know where to start trying to figure it all out......

Where is the CVar and can i just copy the one from 5.5.2 to 5.6.1 to see if that fixes the performance issue?

5.5.2 CVar Dump attached, the one from 5.6.1 is in the now closed thread.
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Re: cryengine5.6 low fps issue.

They are both High Spec, The only difference between my two videos is the engine version.

5.5: 80 FPS
5.6 10 FPS. and look at the CPU usage in the 5.6 version, its about 90% across 12 threads.

Something in 5.6 is not right, those videos are just an example, if i make a brand new level in 5.6 with just a spawnpoint and nothing else the FPS are about 20 compared to well over 100 in 5.5.

@ noise what sort of FPS are you getting in 5.6 Woodland? what CPU / GPU are you running? i'm just wondering if there is a hardware comicality, perhaps something in the code doesn't like Ryzen 3000 series CPU's, who knows they have only been out a few weeks.

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