Cryengine 3.5.8 network error

Hello, i have somes old things on that editor, didnt opened it since a while now

but everytime i try to log in ( what a not wonderfull idea to begin with, but anyway ) i have a network error... Sooo, if the autenthification server or whatever is off, is there a work around to still use that CE version ?
( and yes i would like to use that version, and not the lastest one )


Re: Cryengine 3.5.8 network error

Just because of a login... dont you guys at crytek have somes login bypass aviable ? ( since starting a "game" work without issue, its just that login gate the issue )

hum since crytek changed all his sound system after ( so far i know ), that's just a pure annoyance having to "redo" everything, unless all things ( asset & so ) will necessary work with the CE5, why would i want to change ?
I mean, i can get in crytek optic to make ppl stop use the older version, but not letting the choice because login gating / close authentification... well, its not something i would call really great ^^

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