Cryengine Launcher with Linux (via Phoenicis 5.0 alpha2 and proton)

Good news guys!
CE Launcher is now working with the help of the wine-frontend Phoenicis PlayOnLinux 5.0alpha2 and proton 4.2.

Installation, start and login is working.
Downloading assets is working, although sometimes errors occur and the asset must be re-downloaded.
CryEngine 5.5.2 download and install works, but it keeps failing on Registering.

Phoenicis is just alpha and Proton 4.11 is around the corner, so for everyone who wants to give it a shot or wants to test future versions:

Install Phorenicis with the software manager of your Linux distribution, enter the apps-tab and select Online installer (Local Installer, if you downloaded the CE-Installer) and install.
Name the container "CryEngine" or something.
Enter "" as download url.
Select x86.
Select Proton.
Select the newest wine (Proton) version, 4.2 right now, but 4.11 and newer versions will be available in the future.
Select WindowsXP, other versions are not working right now.
Install the launcher.

To start CE-Launcher, go to the Containers-tab, select the CryEngine container and hit "Run executable".
Run /drive_c/Program Files/Crytek/CRYENGINE Launcher/live/CRYENGINE_Launcher.exe

You can also create a shortcut to the executable by using "Create shortcut" in the Library-tab and selecting /wineprefix/CryEngine/drive_c/Program Files/Crytek/CRYENGINE Launcher/live/CRYENGINE_Launcher.exe as executable.

It's a little edgy, everything is in a very early stage and gamedevelopment is not possible for now, but I am very excited for what the future brings.

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