Re: well are we gonna see 5.6 preview or what

Wow! Hey, fellow "developers" let's all throw a fit and see if Crytek delivers based on empty threats and banter.....FFS! When they are satisfied with the release they will release it to us. My whole project has been put on hold and I may joke about the next News article being the 5.6 release but I'm happy they aren't rushing. The success of my company and our project is riding on this full Vulkan release so I'll just say "Thank you Crytek for not releasing a version full of bugs". ;)
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Re: well are we gonna see 5.6 preview or what

Last i heard any rendering updates for vulkan both game launcher and editor it was moved to 5.7. Not sure if there is anything done on the vulkan renderer for 5.6. But we'll see shortly.

But any further Vulkan integration in 5.6 will not be considered production ready.

It would be great as i want to ditch DX11 support and go Vulkan only.

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