Re: Why should a new Dev as my self use Cry Engine vs Unreal Engine.

Im a new developer, and im still browsing different engines at the moment.
The game engines that interest me the most were:
-Unreal Engine
-Cry Engine

Other than all being amazing engines is there something in particular about these engines that stands out in comparison to each other?
Also of the three engines which are the easiest to use?
Like said Frostbite is not public available, at least not for free but it can be and has been licenced to other professional game developers.

Now IMO the only way to really know a engine is to use it, I can say this engine or that engine is awesome to me but you can find it (or not) hard to use, it all depends on the individual person/team knowledge and willingness to learn.

And why should a new developer try Cryengine? To learn how it works, Cryengine is not hard to learn compared to any other engine, is just different, patience is the best thing that any new developer should have in any engine.

Also to me in particular, you should really stick to a engine, Cryengine, Unity, Unreal, etc no matter, learn the most you can of the one you chose and be the best you can be on it.
IMO those that constantly jump engines never end doing anything good with them, because, they don't have time to learn its strengths and how to go around its limitations if necessary and all engines have those.

Re: Why should a new Dev as my self use Cry Engine vs Unreal Engine.

For my team, it's not questionable. The raytraced realtime shadows, lighting, and Volumetrics (reflections in 5.7), vegetation distribution system, and Sandbox all made it clear I wanted to develop on CryEngine since 2004. Unreal and Unity are not difficult to use at all but then again neither is Cry. The only engine I know of that that is in the same playing field as CryEngine would be UNIGINE 2 which most "Indie" developers can't afford. You're getting the most powerful game engine available for the money at a fraction of the cost of it's closest competition. You will also enjoy not having to bake lights every time you move a light source as well (only 1 of several things like hardware-agnostic raytracing).

So if you are asking CryEngine developers "Why should a new Dev as my self use Cry Engine vs Unreal Engine?" I think you will find most of us have used the "other" engines (I know these 4 but there are more) and we not only prefer CryEngine we have a passion for it. Spend 1 week on creating a scene in both programs. Use the same heightmap etc. and see for yourself as mentioned above. It's strange to me "why" but you need to find your path.

Best of luck in your endeavors!
PC and Console Game/VR Developer
Virtual Revolution L.L.C.

Re: Why should a new Dev as my self use Cry Engine vs Unreal Engine.

If you are serious about game development. I'd recommend you to choose UE4 or Cryengine.
All three engines have pros and cons, obviously.
I used to use Unity. After months of development, I decided to use another engine((which was 4 years ago).
Problem with Unity is,, it looks like it's working. So you keep developing. But once the project gets large(relatively large scene with thousands of objects,
700k lines of code), it becomes quite difficult to keep developing on it. There are many reasons. And a lot of them are unavoidable.
Also, dont' fall for their laughable marketing schemes to milk indie devs.

Now,, Cryengine and UE4 are both production-ready top engine. You can't go wrong with either of them.
UE4's major setback,though, is lightmap baking. If you are an indie dev, you can't do light map baking.
Without lightmap baking, it's very hard to produce passable results in UE4.

When it comes to c++ coding, I find CryEngine slightly easier to use because of the new component system. CryEngine's core framework
is being more modular with each release. I'm using 5.4. And its component system already works.
UE4, however, still uses its ancient Actor and Pawn system, Which is OK. It does what it's supposed to do.
But If you dig deep, you'll find lots of surprises. The same can be said about CryEngine.
But I find CryEngine's c++ source more straight-forward.

Re: Why should a new Dev as my self use Cry Engine vs Unreal Engine.

I've been interested in game development since I was 9. I'm now 34.
So I have some wisdom to spare.
Don't follow the trend(what every average joe does). Develop your own skills. Do lots of research
Play lots of games. Be realistic about your game. Keep learning and come up with new ideas.

As with any creative content industry, there are certain trends that come and go.
But your skills and knowledge never go away.
Here in Korea, a few years ago, Unity used to be all the rage. When hiring mobile game developers, 90 percent of the devs
listed on the job market were Unity devs. A few years later((2018), Unity's popularity has shrunk to non-existence.
Why? Because people are now realizing just how difficult professional game development is. And shitty mobile games made by inexperienced devs you
can get for dirt cheap don't make a dime.

Unity can be a great tool, depending on how you use it. But there used to be this trend where inexperienced devs and artists would slap togather generic assets from asset stores
and churn out crappy games that lag on 1080 ti. And some of those games actually made money. Those days are over(like 2 -3years ago).
Now that the dust is settled, only the strongest survives.

I have a friend of mine who enrolled in a game academy(which I told him not to like 1000 times). He is working at a small mobile game company, which I'm pretty sure will be broke in a few months, making a minimum wage. While my other friend( who studied c++ and did everything legit) is working at BlueHole(PUBG company).

What I'm trying to say is, writing simple game mechanics and spending months tweaking values without any effort looks tempting. But It won't get you far.
Do everything legit, dont cheat. Make games and learn from your failures.

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